Econ 431: David Reiley
Due Monday, 22 January 2007

Problem Set #1

Choose a game or sport, and write the rules of the game so that they could be understood by someone who had never seen the game before. Plan to accomplish this in your own words, in a document of one to three pages, typewritten and double spaced.

Try to choose an actual "game" in the sense of this course, one that involves strategic interactions instead of just individual decisionmaking or individual athletic accomplishment. (Recall the difference between games and decisions, as described in Section 2.2 of your text.) For example, Scrabble, poker, billiards, and baseball are actual "games" in the strategic sense, while Yahtzee, solitaire, golf, and track & field do not involve strategic interactions.

Feel free to leave out a few of the minor rules if you find that your game is too complicated to fit on two pages or so. (For example, if you choose baseball, you might choose to omit the infield fly rule, the designated hitter, and balks.)

This is a difficult assignment. In order to explain your game to a novice, you will have to be careful to describe the object of the game, the basic layout of the game and any equipment used to play it, and how play proceeds. You will want to define all of your terms carefully. For example, you would want to say exactly what a "hand" or a "trick" is in a card game, exactly how one scores a point in baseball, or exactly what a "pocket" is in billiards, before you use these terms to describe game play.

This assignment will be worth 50 points.

Here are several sample papers, each of which is an excellent example of what I'm looking for:

Finally, remember that if you plagiarize on this assignment, my standard penalty is that you will fail for the course.