Homework #1

Due 22 January 2003

Choose a failed dot-com company. That is, choose to research a company that pursued electronic commerce on the World Wide Web, but which has subsequently went out of business (even if their assets were subsequently acquired by another company). Describe what business they pursued, what they proposed to do for customers, and why they shut down. Your report should be approximately 2 paragraphs in length.

Be as specific as you can. For example, instead of saying a rather general statement like "they closed down because they ran out of money," try to describe why they ran out of money. Did they have a business plan that expect to make profits eventually? Did they demonstrate any ability to make profits? Did they spend a lot of money on marketing?

Please provide citations for the references you used in your research. Make sure to use at least two references.

Since this is a course about the Internet, I encourage you to do some of your research online. You may find it helpful to know that the UA Library has electronic databases of newspaper and magazine articles available online. I have had good luck with both Lexis/Nexis and Academic Search Elite, but I haven't yet personally tried the other two indexes listed.