Homework #10

Due 14 April 03

Look at closed auctions on eBay in a category of your choice. Use the advanced search feature in order to search in "completed items only" - this will give you closed, rather than open, auctions. Collect a set of at least 10 auctions that resulted in an actual sale. Record the number of bids in each of these auctions.

Next, find the time of the last bid in each auction. Express each time as a percentage score based on the length of time the auction was open. For example, if the auction lasted 7 days, and the final bid came in exactly 6 days into the auction, the percentile score would be 6/7, or 85.7%. Do the same thing for the first bid received in each auction.

Show the data in an attractive, easy-to-read table. On each row, include the eBay auction number, as well as the data you collected about that auction. Compute the mean percentage scores for first and last bids.

Discuss your findings in a report. Did the data on the timing of bids surprise you in any way? What do you learn from this exercise?


WRITING ALERT: Strive to be as specific as possible in your discussion. Please read Marilyn's instruction sheet, titled "Be Specific".

Continue to avoid personal pronouns and passive verbs. As before, each instance will lower your grade by one full letter. Similarly, don't forget to write an informative thesis statement.