Homework #12

Due 5 May 03

Take the text you wrote for Homework #10, on the timing of bids at eBay, and turn it into an attractive Web page. Make sure it can be viewed on the Internet with a unique URL. Email the URL to both the writing coach and the professor.

This is an opportunity for you to revise your paper based on the written comments you received. Try to explain clearly exactly what you learned from the data you collected.

This is also an opportunity for you to brush up on your Web-page-creation skills you learned in Homework #4. This time, your finished product should include an HTML table, as well as some kind of styled text (a heading format, centering, etc.). Feel free to use other features, such as graphics and hyperlinks, if you feel they are appropriate.

WRITING ALERT: Continue to avoid personal pronouns and passive verbs. As before, each instance will lower your grade by one full letter. Similarly, don't forget to write an informative thesis statement.