Homework #9

Due 2 April 03

Browse the eBay Web site until you find an item you're interested in bidding on. Make sure the auction end date occurs before this assignment is due. Place one or more bids on the item.

In a paper of one to two pages, describe how the process worked. Explain the sequence of bids, the way the auction determined the winner, and the way it determined the final price. If you won the auction, describe what happened after you won.

Critically evaluate the auction. What was positive and/or negative about the process for you and the other bidders?


WRITING ALERT: Continue to practice avoiding personal pronouns. For this assignment, I suggest you write about the bidders (including yourself) using their eBay usernames, and then refer to each bidder in the third person.

Don't forget your thesis statement, and continue to use active verbs.