Some Links of Interest


Here is a selection of interesting home pages of friends of mine:

Carrie Beam - a quantitative data consultant, she was a Princeton classmate.
Tim Chow - try his Peanuts quizzes, not for the novice!
Mara Factor - the most avid hiker I know.
Malcolm Getz - author of an all-electronic statistics text.
Mary Lucking - my ex-wife, a public artist.
Paul and Amy Markoff Johnson - wacky Princeton classmates, living in California.
Amy Reiley - my sister, a food-and-wine writer.
Charlie - my sister's son, a unique blog about his first adventures with food.
Carson Schütze - a linguistics professor at UCLA, he's also very into musical theater.
Ann Schwentker - a reconstructive plastic surgeon with two young daughters.
Al Wong - has degrees in physics and zoology, now works as an actor in Los Angeles.